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Chapelfield Camping take their responsibility to provide a safe environment for staff and customers alike seriously. Chapelfield Camping will not however, take responsibility for any breaches of this site health and safety notice by campsite clients. We therefore urge you to read the following notice and take responsibility for your actions and those of your children at all times.


  • We recommend taking a torch to use once the sun goes down as the campsite is not fully lit.


  • Children should be supervised at all times to avoid accidents.


  • Take care when exiting the showers due to the slippery surface and steps outside the shower blocks.


  • Cars, and motorhomes will be moving around your campsite. Please look out for reversing vehicles and stay alert at all times. Please observe the 5mph speed limit when driving around the campsite.


  • Ticks, particularly during the spring and summer months are something to be aware of. One of the best ways to avoid being bitten is to use insect repellent.


  • Ensure everyone in your group knows what to do if there is a fire. If a fire is detected, inform management immediately who will provide fire extinguishers and if necessary, call the fire brigade.


  • Sun safety is paramount on campsites, remember to bring appropriate protection from the suns harmful rays.


  • Kite flying or similar is banned at Chapelfield due to the presence of overhead power lines.


  • The forests surrounding our campsites are home to lots of wildlife species and on many of our sites, you may see not only ponies but cows and smaller mammals roaming free. While these animals are generally gentle, we ask that you keep a safe distance as these animals can be extremely protective, particularly of their offspring.


Carbon Monoxide


Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced when a fuel such as charcoal, gas or petrol burns incompletely. This could be because an appliance isn’t working properly or might simply happen as part of its normal function. Barbecues, for example, produce carbon monoxide even when they are working well.


  • Never take a barbecue into a tent, caravan or motorhome, even if you consider it to be cool after use.
  • Never use a fuel burning appliance to heat your tent or awning.
  • Always have any gas appliances in a caravan or motorhome serviced regularly.
  • Consider using a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm and learn the warning signs of poisoning to look out for.


This health and safety notice was last updated in August 2019.

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